MATRIX ... flexible with the fit of an exact fixture

MATRIX replaces cost-intensive special-purpose jigs and various molding elements. Special importance is attached to the development of the pin and function module that can be combined into effective modular systems. All components of this modular system are multifunctional and compatible. The number of individual modules is purposely kept small. The streamlined range with few modules leads quickly and economically to the target.

It is necessary to check the geometric characteristics of a workpiece as quickly as possible. If these parts are prototypes, single parts, small series or initial samples, no appropriate workpiece fixture is generally available. If the jig adjusts to the shape of the workpiece, type changes can be implemented very quickly with the MATRIX system.

MATRIX Knowledge Base

Customer suggestions inspired from their day-to-day requirements, leads to new MATRIX concepts and solutions, which in turn lead to new product developments. MATRIX continues to suppy EOS with best flexible fixturing and clamping devices in the world.