Optimap PSD... get the full picture

The Optimap™ provides a unique measurement solution for quantifying surface quality. In a single fast operation the Optimap™ maps the topography of a test surface displaying faults and texture in incredible detail. Mapped information is processed into objective surface measurements that can be used to effectively control product quality.

• Rugged and accurate the Optimap™ is suitable for laboratory, factory or on-site inspection
• The soft touch measurement portal means the instrument can be used safely on the highest quality surfaces
• Surface texture and defects can be assessed on a huge variety of surfaces: semi matt surfaces to polished mirrors, small & curved parts
• A large area is mapped in a single operation (95 x 70mm)
• On screen 3-D Maps give instant access to surface topography
• Objective measurements can be displayed in traceable SI units or selected industrial scales
• Data and results are fully compatible with other analytical techniques and third party software
• Ondulo software allows sophisticated texture/fault analysis and report generation.

The Optimap™ can be used on a wide range of surfaces from ultra low gloss to mirror finish on both large and small areas and with varying degrees of curvature.


The Optimap™ objectively measures and characterises many aspects of surface quality including texture, waviness and local defects including orange peel, inclusions, dents and scratches. Its large measurement area (95mm x 70mm) provides results that are more representative than those made with profilometers or other optical scanning instruments and can be reported in traceable SI units (m¯¹) or other industry specific units. With a high lateral resolution (<75um) the Optimap™ has the power to capture surface defects that are invisible to the human eye.