zSnapper 4M

zSnapper 4M

ViALUX extends its product family of zSnapper® 3D Scanners with the addition of a system boasting 4 Million pixels resolution. zSnapper®4M is a convenient solution for 3-dimensional surface acquisition of design models, sample units, and engineering parts of any kind; and, the 4M offers outstanding resolution of details. Highest precision is achieved by combining proven software algorithms of full-field, phase encoded photogrammetry with leading edge hardware technology. The user takes advantage of an easy to operate solution that offers optimal results in various third-party applications. The point density is adaptable to the requirements of the respective task. This 3D measuring device is validated under established VDI 2634 guidelines. Automatic self-calibration is traceable to national standards and can be accomplished by any operator, regardless of the skill level. A calibration check is integrated into the measuring software, ensuring exact results every time.

zSnapper®4M takes advantage of the latest LED generation optimized for use with DLP® projection and yields a very high power density by embedding phonics lattice technology. Advanced digital LED control and monitoring enables continuous thermal management for the passive fan-less cooling of the device. The result is maintenance-free operation for years. zSnapper4M PDF

zSnapper Portable

zSnapper portable

The small and lightweight zSnapper® portable is a 3D scanner designed to scan objects fast and precisely. The zSnapper® products reflect the company’s long-term experience in full-field optical metrology. In particular, the well-proven ViALUX concept of pixel-by-pixel fringe phase measurement is combined with the advantages of DLP® micro mirror technology and high-power monochrome LED light sources. Unique hardware design and sophisticated software algorithms yield outstanding 3D scanner performance. The zSnapper® 3D scanners are laser-free and eye-safe. Due to full-field operation, the 3D object shape is captured in one shot which gives intrinsic reliability and accuracy compared to any line scan devices.

zSnapper® portable is a versatile solution for a variety of applications. The device is not only suited for point-and-click 3D snapshots from one single viewing direction but multiple views of the same object can be merged automatically. Advanced technology guarantees that all snapshots taken fit together instantly and a real-time display of the merged
3D model can be observed during recording. zSnapper portable PDF

zSnapper multiple

The zSnapper® multiple combines up to 6 fully synchronized zSnapper® scan units. This is an extension of the zSnapper® portable, where patches are taken step-by-step for capturing full 360° scans. The zSnapper® multiple goes beyond and records the different views in one single shot. All scanners work in parallel and are precisely synchronized to guarantee no interference. The zSnapper® multiple is a high performance solution if fully automated scan operation is needed either in industrial inspection or for capturing non-stable objects and dynamic scenes. The scanners may be mounted in any desired position and the scanner ensemble provides aligned 3D data. In this way, the complete geometry is measured instantly from multiple perspective views. High-resolution colour texture is an additional option. Possible motions of the person or object do not disturb the measuring signal. The object can be freely held into the measuring space without the need of any suspension. The zSnapper® multiple is the preferred solution for automatic 360° scanning within milliseconds. It provides access to dynamic 4D data, i.e. time sequences of 3D shape records can be taken with a maximum 3D frame rate of 46 Hz. The total measuring time for various zSnapper® multiple configurations is given in the specifications. zSnapper multple PDF